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Matt and I want to thank you for a very positive experience with Field's Service.  You are welcome to share these words with potential customers -- we will certainly be mentioning you to our friends!   

We had three or four other bids for our attic & basement insulation project.  We chose to go with Field's because your proposal was by far the most thorough -- in fact you were the only installer who suggested building a catwalk (so that we can navigate in the attic above the cellulose) and capping the existing vents.  Even with this attention to detail your proposal was not the most expensive one we received! 

We had Josh, Dom and Casey here for three days last week and then Monday to finish off.  When one work day was called off for a snowstorm, a cheery representative from your office called at 8 a.m. to let us know that "the boys" wouldn't come that day and reschedule.  We were exceedingly impressed with your installation team -- they were pleasant, polite, and amazingly unobtrusive, tidy, and thorough!  They laid down floor-coverings, replaced the closet door on its hinges each night and removed it again in the morning, and generally moved in and out of the house so smoothly that we hardly noticed they were there.  Even on the last day, with the tube running from the truck up to the attic and blowing cellulose, the disruption was minimal -- and they cheerfully fetched more cellulose and worked until 6:30 p.m. in order to finish when the attic turned out to need about twenty more bags of insulation than originally planned! 

Everyone we have spoken to from Fields has been knowledgeable and efficient and working with your company was a pleasure from start to finish.  Our house is distinctly warmer and we are very happy with our investment in this environmentally-friendly technology -- "the boys" even made all the old fiberglass matting disappear, so there was no pile of it in the driveway afterwards!

Thank you very much, and please pass on my compliments to Josh, Dom, and Casey and to the very warm and enthusiastic woman who called on Wednesday to update us on the work schedule.

Jenny I
What Our Clients Have To Say

This letter is to thank Field’s Service and let others know how they stand up and behind their work... If you are in need of a company that will provide you with dynamite service for your boiler, Field’s is the one!!

I have a System 2000 boiler, and when it needed special attention, Ken went to bat for me and called the manufacturer. Ken insisted that the company rep visit the jobsite and help fix or REPLACE the boiler. This is service; and he did it with grace, determination and fairness. Energy Kinetics, the manufacturer, stood up too, and is paying Field’s Service for their time. This is what we all need and want to hear when looking for a company that can provide what we need; fairness, service and courtesy. If you have the need for oil burner service and more, look at Field’s Service out of Easton, PA.
Bruce M, very happy client.

  "Your request for feedback was dated 2/14/06 and nothing could be more appropriate than Valentine’s Day to take the opportunity to thank you for all you’ve done for us.  Dealing with your company truly warms the heart, from the feet up, in our case.  Let me explain:
  When we decided to build our new home, we contacted you to recommend a heating system.  Upon your suggestion, we chose to have radiant heat installed in our floors throughout the house. 
  The attraction, for me, with the radiant heat was that there are no restrictions on furniture placement, it is very even heat with no air blowing, and it is efficient. 
  Even though you had never worked with our builder and communication wasn’t what it could have been, you came through on the installation process.  At times, given very short notice and deadlines, you got the job done. 
  When the basement flooded due to the tremendous rain in October, 2005, it was YOU who pumped out the water (at least 3 times!!).  At crunch time, with final inspection 5 days away and a total mix-up on insulation in the basement, YOU made yourself available to at least lend your guidance and expertise to us so we could get the job done.  We couldn’t have been more thrilled to pass that final inspection.
  Now that we’re in the house, you are still providing “after care” by fine-tuning the system and adjusting the water temperature in the tubes in the floor to provide optimum comfort without sacrificing efficiency.  Another service that you provide is perhaps what I appreciate the most. 
  Consulting with us to tighten up the attic and attempt to stem the flow of cold air that was stealing our heat is a lot like the icing on the cake and the icing is the BEST part, to me. 
  We appreciate your accessibility and timely responses.  Email has worked wonders for us.  Your thorough knowledge of heating systems and fuels is respected and your patience in educating us is appreciated. 
  I can honestly say that few men in the construction or utility industries treat me with the kindness and consideration I receive from you.  Many times it seems that “Builder Bob’s” tend to prefer to deal with the men of the family, but I never get that feeling from you and I appreciate that as well. 
  Whether you are dealing with me or Dave or both of us together, you are always the same caring person.  As you know, I’ve recommended you and your services to everyone who ever talks about HVAC needs.
  Yes, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for me to let you know how much we LOVE doing business with Field’s Oil & Heating Service. 
  Thank you from the bottom of our warm hearts and feet!!"
           Michele & Dave I.,Nazareth, PA

  "We purchased a new furnace from Field's Service last year, after being flooded. We were so happy with the way they treated us and their expertise, that we stopped using another company my family had been using for the past 50 years and started using Field's Service for oil delivery too. We can't say enough good things about Field's Service...they really came through for us in a time of need and continue to give us great service!"
       Donna J., Bethlehem, PA
"Parts of my house never got as warm as I wanted them until I had the new boiler installed. It is in a closet and is so quiet I can hardly hear it run. My fuel bills have dropped drastically too. They did a great job and were very pleasant to have around. They covered my carpets where they had to walk and cleaned up every speck of dirt before they left. I wish I would have had this work done sooner."
        Dolores S., Easton, PA

"My wife and I live in a two-story brick house built in 1950. We have used window air conditioners and avoided installing a central AC system for the 17 years we have lived in the house because we wanted to avoid what we thought would be substantial difficulty, disruption, and dirt.
  This spring, we decided to bite the bullet and install a central AC system. We hired Ken Field to install the system, and it was probably the best improvement we have ever made in our house. Ken designed a system using latest technology and thus avoided having to consume any significant second floor closet space and completely eliminated the need to install sheet rock-covered conduits.
  Ken and his people installed the system with minimum disruption to our home and our routine. We were amazed at the lengths the Field people would go to in order to clean up any dirt, dust, and debris. At all times, Ken and his employees were gracious and courteous. The best of all is that the system is one of the best central AC systems we have experienced - quiet, even cooling, and efficient.
  My wife and I recommend Ken Field and his organization with the greatest amount of confidence, satisfaction, and enthusiasm."
        Mr. & Mrs. Charles P.,Nazareth, PA